Murattal Qur’an

Sa’ad Al Ghamidi

Icon File Mp3 Ukuran Download
001-Surat Al Fatihaah 178 kb Download
002-Surat Al Baqarah 5,71 mb Download
003-Surat Ali Imran 5,03 mb Download
004-Surat An Nisaa 5,96 mb Download
005-Surat Al Maa’idah 3,77 mb Download
006-Surat Al An’aam 5,31 mb Download
007-Surat Al A’raaf 5,31 mb Download
008-Surat Al Anfaal 5,54 mb Download
009-Surat At Taubah 4,50 mb Download
010-Surat Yunus 3,32 mb Download
011-Surat Huud 2,13 mb Download
012-Surat Yusuf 1,62 mb Download
013-Surat Ar Ra’d 5,77 mb Download
014-Surat Saba’ 3,82 mb Download
015-Surat Al Hijr 3,23 mb Download
016-Surat An Nahl 2,97 mb Download
017-Surat Al Israa’ 4,05 mb Download
018-Surat Al Kahfi 3,35 mb Download
019-Surat Maryam 5,37 mb Download
020-Surat Thaahaa 5,09 mb Download
Icon File Mp3 Ukuran Download
021-Surat Al Anbiyaa’ 5,77 mb Download
022-Surat Al Hajj 5,71 mb Download
023-Surat Al Mukminuun 5,03 mb Download
024-Surat An Nuur 5,96 mb Download
025-Surat Al Furqaan 3,77 mb Download
026-Surat Asy Syu’araa 5,31 mb Download
027-Surat An Naml 5,31 mb Download
028-Surat Al Qashash 5,54 mb Download
029-Surat Al ‘Ankabuut 4,50 mb Download
030-Surat Ar Ruum 3,32 mb Download
031-Surat Luqman 2,13 mb Download
032-Surat As Sajdah 1,62 mb Download
033-Surat Al Ahzab 5,77 mb Download
034-Surat Saba’ 3,82 mb Download
035-Surat Faathir 3,23 mb Download
036-Surat Yaasin 2,97 mb Download
037-Surat Ash Shaaffaat 4,05 mb Download
038-Surat Shaad 3,35 mb Download
039-Surat Az Zumar 5,37 mb Download
040-Surat Al Mukmin 5,09 mb Download
Icon File Mp3 Ukuran Download
041-Surat Fushshilat 3,51 mb Download
042-Surat Asy Syuura 3,52 mb Download
043-Surat Az Zukhruf 3,83 mb Download
044-Surat Ad Dukhaan 1,57 mb Download
045-Surat Al Jaatsiyah 2,07 mb Download
046-Surat Al Ahqaaf 2,74 mb Download
047-Surat Muhammad 2,26 mb Download
048-Surat Al Fath 2,38 mb Download
049-Surat Al Hujuraat 1,48 mb Download
050-Surat Qaaf 1,67 mb Download
051-Surat Adz Dzaariyat 1,58 mb Download
052-Surat Ath Thuur 1,39 mb Download
053-Surat Al Najm 1,64 mb Download
054-Surat Al Qamar 1,51 mb Download
055-Surat Ar Rahmaan 1,95 mb Download
056-Surat Al Waaqi’ah 1,92 mb Download
057-Surat Al Hadiid 2,58 mb Download
058-Surat Al Mujaadilah 2,02 mb Download
059-Surat Al Hasyr 1,92 mb Download
060-Surat Al Mumtahanah 1,60 mb Download
Icon File Mp3 Ukuran Download
061-Surat Ash Shaff 979 kb Download
062-Surat Al Jumu’ah 745 kb Download
063-Surat Al Munaafiquun 781 kb Download
064-Surat At Taghaabuun 1,03 mb Download
065-Surat Ath Thalaaq 1,22 mb Download
066-Surat At Tahriim 1,11 mb Download
067-Surat Al Mulk 1,47 mb Download
068-Surat Al Qalam 1,36 mb Download
069-Surat Al Haqqah 1,26 mb Download
070-Surat Al Ma’aaru 1,07 mb Download
071-Surat Nuh 1,00 mb Download
072-Surat Al Jin 1,17 mb Download
073-Surat Al Muzzammil 929 kb Download
074-Surat Al Muddatsir 1,15 mb Download
075-Surat Al Qiyaamah 705 kb Download
076-Surat Al Insaan 1,09 mb Download
077-Surat Al Mursaalat 949 kb Download
078-Surat An Naba’ 935 kb Download
079-Surat An Naazi’aat 858 kb Download
080-Surat ‘Abasa 723 kb Download
Icon File Mp3 Ukuran Download
081-Surat At Takwir 483 kb Download
082-Surat Al Infithaar 396 kb Download
083-Surat Al Mutaffifiin 885 kb Download
084-Surat Al Insyiqaaq 495 kb Download
085-Surat Al Buruuj 539 kb Download
086-Surat At Thaariq 296 kb Download
087-Surat Al A’laa 314 kb Download
088-Surat Al Ghaasyiyah 441 kb Download
089-Surat Al Fajr 671 kb Download
090-Surat Al Balad 372 kb Download
091-Surat Asy Syams 277 kb Download
092-Surat Al Lail 359 kb Download
093-Surat Adh Dhuhaa 206 kb Download
094-Surat Al Insyiraah 122 kb Download
095-Surat At Tiin 187 kb Download
096-Surat Al ‘Alaq 317 kb Download
097-Surat Al Qadr 142 kb Download
098-Surat Al Bayyinah 433 kb Download
099-Surat Az Zalzalah 185 kb Download
100-Surat Al ‘Aadiyaat 218 kb Download
Icon File Mp3 Ukuran Download
101-Surat Al Qaari’ah 194 kb Download
102-Surat At Takaatsur 168 kb Download
103-Surat Al ‘Ashr 82 kb Download
104-Surat Al Humazah 171 kb Download
105-Surat Al Fiil 124 kb Download
106-Surat Qurasy 118 kb Download
107-Surat Al Maa’uun 154 kb Download
108-Surat Al Kautsar 67 kb Download
109-Surat Al Kaafiruun 151 kb Download
110-Surat An Nashr 105 kb Download
111-Surat Al Lahab 136 kb Download
112-Surat Al Ikhlash 78 kb Download
113-Surat Al Falaq 122 kb Download
114-Surat An Naas 152 kb Download

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