Home Bank-free Personal Accounting Software

HomeBank is a free software to manage your personal accounts easily. Analyze your finances in detail using powerful filtering tools and graphs. If you are looking for an easy way to manage your accounts then Home Bank should be the software of choice. Take some time to try it out, you won’t regret it.

Home Bank benefits from more than 14 years of user experience and feedback. Its development started in 1995 on Amiga computers. Now HomeBank 4.4 version available for 50 languages on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, MacOSX, and Nokia N-series.

Some Cool new Features of HomeBank 4.4  that you should know:

  •  Balance report:

1. You can track your balance for each account individually, but also for all your accounts at a time.
2. There is also an option to show every day, so you can see the real balance evolution during time. By
default only days with a changed balance are displayed.
3. Like in other report, a detail feature to display the transaction related to a specific day.

  • Internal Transfer:
1. The first improvement to this version HomeBank 4.4  is that you should no more encounter sync
    problems  with internal transfer
2. The second cover the case were you import your file and then change the pay mode to internal xfer.
HomeBank was faultily create a new transaction in that case, this is no more, it will try to be smart and
detect an existing transfer target transaction, and if not, it will show you a list a transactions to choose or
let  you decide to create a target transaction.

  • Vehicle cost:

1. The car cost was renamed vehicle cost.

2. A long time problem has been fixed by adding support for a partial refuel. Now you can (and must) enter your refuel with:

d=xxxxxx the odometer at refuel time
v=xx.xx the fuel volume for a full refuel
v~xx.xx the fuel volume for a partial refuel

3. Also a new report data with distance by volume (km/l or miles/gal) has been added.
For Free Download Home Bank-free Personal Accounting Software Click Here

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